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Anxiety and depression in Greek nursing and medical personnel.

Psychol Rep. 2006 Aug;99(1):93-6.
Anxiety and depression in Greek nursing and medical personnel.
‘Tselebis A, Gournas G, Tzitzanidou G, Panagiotou A, Ilias I.
Department of Psychiatry, ‘S otiria’ Hospital, Athens, Greece.’

The relatively low number of nurses compared to physicians in Greece and the few available studies on the psychological problems of the health professionals led to comparison of anxiety and depression for 76 Greek nursing personnel (20 men, M age: 32.8 yr., SD: 3.8 yr., and 56 women, M age: 36.6 yr., SD: 7.7 yr.) and 66 doctors (35 men, M age: 35.9 yr., SD: 8.9 yr. and 31 women, M age: 32.7 yr., SD: 8.1 yr.) using validated translations of the Spielberger State-Trait Anxiety Inventory and the Beck Depression Inventory. Male nurses had the lowest scores on trait anxiety, while female doctors had the highest scores, followed by female nurses. Depression scores were not different between doctors and nurses, regardless of sex. Age and depression scores were positively correlated (Spearman rho = .31) only for the female nurses. The findings suggest that interventions for diagnosis and stress management in the health-care workplace should be equally targeted for nursing and medical personnel.

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