locale xml de de AL_CONSULT You can consult : AL_NOWILDCARDACTIVATED (Wildcard search has been disabled) AL_HIERARCHYRESULTOTHERS Unorganized results AL_USERSELECTIONREMOVE Löschen Kategorie ... AL_MENUMODLIST TYPE_IDs list AL_RESOURCETYPE Ressourcentyp AL_QUESTIONECN ECN until 2015 AL_TYPEIDEDITSTRING Edit TYPE_ID AL_RESOURCESJUSTJCRTOP10STRING JCR Top 10% AL_PWDCHANGECURRENT Current password AL_QUALIFIERSSTRING Erlaubte Bedingungen für diesen Deskriptor: AL_OPERATORAND AND AL_TYPESTRING Type AL_PAGESTRING Page AL_CHATWINDOWCLEAR Clear instant messaging AL_DISPLAYALLLANGUAGES See all languages AL_WHATSNEW What's new ? AL_CONSOLESTRING Logs AL_RESOURCESALLRESOURCESSTRING Alle Quellen AL_PWDCHANGESUCCESS Your password has been successfully updated. It will be active for your next logging action. AL_EXPORTACTION Export AL_NBPERPAGE Antworten pro Seite AL_MAJOR Haupt AL_MENUADMINEMPTYCACHEOBJ Empty object cache AL_IMPORTFROMTEMPLATEACTION Import AL_MENUHIERARCHYMODULEGOTODOCUMENTLABEL Go to document AL_CLIPBOARDTITLE Clipboard AL_QUESTNOQUESTIONS Not available AL_RENAMEDESKTOPICON Rename the shortcut AL_SUPERVISIONWRONGINDEXINGSTATUS This status should not be supervised. AL_EXPORTTEMPLATEADDCOLUMNLABEL Add AL_DETAILSSTRING HeTOP Mapping content AL_CLIPBOARDRESTAURE Restaure AL_IMPORTBUTTON Import AL_MAPPINGVALIDATIONTITLE Mappings and translations validations AL_NOSEARCHRESULT Keine Daten gefunden. AL_CLIPBOARDCLEAR Clear clipboard AL_DESKTOPICONICON Icon path AL_HIERARCHIESTABTITLE Hierarchies AL_HELP Hilfe AL_WARNING Warnung AL_WINDOWMAXIMIZE Maximize AL_INDEXINGEXISTS This indexing already exists ! AL_MENUDYNLISTLABEL List AL_YESNODIALOGYES Yes AL_GRAPHEXPLORER CISMeF Graph Explorer AL_RELATIONEXISTS This relation already exists ! AL_CONSOLEWINDOWTITLE Console AL_TRANSMITTEDSTRING By transitivity AL_LANGUAGESTRING Language AL_QUESTSPECIFY Other, please specify: AL_MAJORSTRING Major AL_MENUUSERPREF My account AL_MENUHIERARCHYMODULENEWALLOCCURRENCELABEL New child for the %d occurrences AL_WINDOWCAPTIONHIERARCHYMODULEADDCHILD Add a child AL_ACCOUNTNOTVALID This account does not exist but you can register. AL_ARCHIVE Archives AL_REPLACESTRING Replace AL_OPENQUERYBUILDER Query builder AL_QUICKMAPPERTITLE QuickMapper AL_INDEXINGMAJORMINORSTRING Major AL_SYSUSERRIGHTSCHOOSEDOMAIN Choose domain: AL_ENVSTRING Umwelt AL_QUALIFIERSALPHALISTSTRING Zeige alphabetische Liste AL_QUESTDOESNOTEXIST This questionnaire does not exist ! AL_DATE date AL_HETOPTOOLS <a href="http://cispro.chu-rouen.fr/MT_EHTOP/" target="_blank">MT@HeTOP: mapping and translation tool based on the HeTOP terminologies/ontologies</a> AL_ADDPROPERTY Add AL_DESTINATIONTERM Mapped term AL_IMPORTWINDOWCAPTION Import AL_COPYANNOTATION Copied from AL_LASTNAMESTRING Last name AL_AFFILIATIONSOURCESTRING Source AL_EHTOPBASIC_NEWS <big>A comparison study between HeTOP and BioPortal has been presented at the <a href="http://www.mie2014.org/" target="_blank">MIE 2014</a> international conference, Istanbul</big> AL_XHTMLAPPCOPYRIGHT <a href="mailto:maitre-toile.cismef@chu-rouen.fr">Contact</a> - © 2014 Rouen University Hospital - CISMeF AL_IMAGEBROWSERTITLE Select image AL_EHTOPLINKDESCRIPTION Access to this concept on the terminology portal AL_PREVBUTTON Previous AL_CSTRUNIQUEVALERROR Unique constraint violation error for %s AL_MENUHIERARCHYMODULECOPYWITHCHILDRENLABEL Copy with children AL_ADMINSQLGENERATORDO Generate SQL orders... AL_RELATIONTYPE_INTER Inter-terminologic AL_TOOLSTABTITLE Tools AL_PROMPTDIALOGOK OK AL_EDITDESKTOPICON Edit... AL_SAMPLET_DESC_CISMEF_META_TERME Cardiology, nephrology, pediatrics ... AL_TRASHTARGET Target AL_INDEXINGBADCSTR Adding this indexing is not possible because object type(s) are not allowed AL_MEDICALSITES Medical Seiten und Dokumente AL_PROPOSECONTENT Suggest new content ! AL_MENUHIERARCHYMODULEPASTELABEL Paste as child AL_MAXRESULTSSTRING You've reached the maximum results number AL_REFRESHSTRING Refresh AL_YESNODIALOGTITLE Question AL_RESULTSSTRING Results AL_EXTERNALBUTTON Detach this tab AL_NOLOGGEDUSER No other connected user AL_MTEHTOPSUBTITLE Mapping using HeTOP (MT@HeTOP) AL_HOME Zuhause AL_COPYPROPERTY Copy selection AL_SELECTALLSTRING Select all AL_RESOURCESJUSTTEACHSTRING Nur Unterrichtsmaterialien AL_MENUCHANGEPASSWORD Modify your password AL_RESOURCESJUSTJCRTOP25STRING JCR Top 25% AL_EDITDESKTOPICONTITLE Edit icon AL_DESTINATIONCODE Mapped code AL_RELATIONSTABTITLE Relations AL_EHTOPBASIC_APPNAME HeTOP AL_JOBSTRING Job AL_PRESENTATION Präsentation AL_SAMPLEPUBLISHER HAS, ANSM ... AL_EMAILNOTVALID This email is not valid ! AL_DELETESTRING Delete AL_OTHERSSTRING Others AL_INDEXINGALLMINOR Switch all into minor AL_DETAILS Details AL_FORMATSTRING Format AL_HIERARCHYNOTREE Keine Baumstruktur für diesen Term AL_MENUADMINSQLINSERTS Insert on the fly AL_REFINE Verfeinern AL_PWDCHANGENEW New password AL_SECURITYSTRING Security AL_CACHEOBJECTMANAGERFOUNDOBJECTS %d matching resources. Are you sure to remove them from the cache ? AL_CREATEDESKTOPICON Create shortcut... AL_MAPPINGVALIDATIONTYPE Validation AL_MENUHIERARCHYMODULENEWLABEL New child AL_CLIPBOARDCOPY Copy AL_CHOOSESTRING Choose AL_EDITIONMODIFIYMAJORMINOR Only modify "Major/Minor" AL_CLOSESTRING Schließen AL_DOCUTABTITLE Dokumentation/Publikationen AL_QUERYBUILDERQUERYOPTIONS Query options AL_MENUMODNEWMOD Insert new TYPE_ID AL_PROPOSECONTENTALREADYEXISTS This value already exists ! AL_LEARNING Lernen AL_PROMPTDIALOGCANCEL Kündigen AL_XHTMLWARNINGPUBMED Prototype (<a target="_blank" href="http://www.chu-rouen.fr/bdbfr/">see more</a>) AL_WARNINGSTRING Warnung AL_MENUHIERARCHYMODULEDELETEALLOCCURRENCELABEL Delete for the %d occurrences AL_MESSAGEHIERARCHYMODULEDELETEITEM Click OK to delete item AL_TYPEIDCHECKOK This TYPE_ID is valid AL_CLEARSTRING Clear AL_QUERYBUILDERINPUTHINT Type a word here AL_REMOVEFROMCACHESTRING Remove from cache AL_DONTMODIFYSTRING Do not modify AL_QUERYBUILDERWINDOWTITLE Query builder AL_YESNODIALOGNO No AL_RELATIONSNORELATIONS Keine Beziehungen zu diesem Term AL_EDITIONMODESTRING Edition mode AL_QUERYBUILDERADDTOQUERY 2. Add it to the query AL_USERSELECTIONRENAME Benennen Kategorie ... AL_SEELINKS Siehe Links AL_EHTOPBASIC_PARTNERS <a href="http://www.chu-rouen.fr/" id="logo" target="_blank"><img src="/img/logos/logoCHUCISMeF.gif" alt="CHU Rouen" title="CHU Rouen" height="70"/></a> <a href="http://www.litislab.eu/" id="logo" target="_blank"><img src="/img/logos/logoLitis.jpg" alt="LITIS" title="Laboratoire d'Informatique, du Traitement de l'Information et des Systèmes" height="70"/></a> <a href="http://www.hautenormandie.fr/" id="logo" target="_blank"> <img src="/img/logos/logo_hn.jpg" alt="Région Haute-Normandie" title="Région Haute-Normandie" height="60"/></a> <a href="http://www.vidal.fr/" id="logo" target="_blank"><img src="/img/logos/logo_vidal.png" alt="Vidal" title="Vidal" height="70"/> </a> <a href="http://www.mondeca.com/" id="logo" target="_blank"> <img src="/img/logos/logoMondeca.jpg" alt="Mondeca" title="Mondeca" height="70"/> </a> <a href="http://www.asipsante.fr/" id="logo" target="_blank"> <img src="/img/logos/logo-asip.png" alt="ASIP Santé" title="ASIP Santé" height="70"/> </a> <a href="http://cerim.univ-lille2.fr/" id="logo" target="_blank"> <img src="/img/logos/logo_site_cerim.gif" alt="CERIM" title="CERIM" height="70"/> </a><a href="http://www.aphp.fr/" id="logo" target="_blank"> <img src="/img/logos/logo_aphp.gif" alt="AP-HP" title="Assistance Publique et Hôpitaux de Paris" width="200"/> </a> <a href="http://www.interstis.org/" id="logo" target="_blank"><img src="/img/logos/logo-interstis.jpg" alt="InterSTIS" title="InterSTIS" height="70"/> </a><a href="http://projet4-limbio.smbh.univ-paris13.fr/" id="logo" target="_blank"> <img src="/img/logos/logo-L3IM.png" alt="L3IM" title="L3IM" height="70"/></a><a href="http://www-tecsan.cea.fr/" id="logo" target="_blank"><img src="/img/logos/logo-tecsan.jpg" alt="TecSan" title="TecSan" height="70"/></a> <a href="http://www.agence-nationale-recherche.fr/" id="logo" target="_blank"><img src="/img/logos/logo_anr.jpg" alt="Agence Nationale de la Recherche" title="Agence Nationale de la Recherche" height="70"/></a><a href="https://www.umit.at/" id="logo" target="_blank"><img src="/img/logos/umit_2014.png" alt="Private Universität für Gesundheitswissenschaften, Medizinische Informatik und Technik GmbH" title="Private Universität für Gesundheitswissenschaften, Medizinische Informatik und Technik GmbH" height="70"/></a><br><br> Thanks to Marius Marginean for the Roumanian translation of ICPC-2.<br> Thanks to Mårten Kvist for the Finnish translation of ICPC-2.<br> Thanks to Shinsuke Fujita for the Japanese translation of ICPC-2.<br> Thanks to Zekeriya Akturk for the Turkish translation of ICPC-2.<br> Thanks to Thanh Liem Vo for the Vietnamian translation of ICPC-2.<br>Thanks to Ines Zelić Baričević for the Croatian translation of ICPC-2.<br> Thanks to Gustavo Gusso for the Portuguese translation of ICPC-2.<br> Thanks to Marc Jamoulle for the French translation of ICPC-2 and more generally for his implication in its integration into HeTOP.<br> Thanks to Michal Darmoni for the translation in Hebrew of the interface.<br> Thanks to UMIT for the translation in German of the interface.<br> AL_QUERIESHISTORY Ihre Fragen AL_REPLACEBYSTRING Replace by AL_SYSUSERRIGHTSREAD Read AL_PARTNERS Partner AL_OPTIONLANGMAINDATA Hauptdaten Sprache AL_HIERARCHYTREESIMPLEMODE Simple tree AL_WINDOWMINIMIZE Minimize AL_T_DESC_CISMEF_META_TERME Medical Speciality AL_BLOG CISMEF Blog AL_CONFIRMNEWREVISIONSAMEDATE A revision has already been committed today, do you confirm creating a new one? AL_HMTPQUERYCLEAR Löschen AL_ADDTOSELECTION Add to your selection AL_RESOURCEALREADYOPENEDWARNING This resource is already currently edited by %s, the read-only mode is on. If this is during too long, please contact an administrator AL_LOGOUTSTRING Logout AL_VISITED %d Mal Besucht AL_INSTITUTIONSTRING Institution AL_SEEINDEXING Siehe Indexierung AL_TYPEIDSELECTORDEFAUTTOPLABEL Object types selection AL_OPTIONEDITION Edit AL_TRANSLATETITLE Translations AL_LETTER letter AL_PWDCHANGETOOSHORT Password must be at least %d long AL_RDFRESCOUNTINFO Resource consulted %d times AL_MTVONLYTERMSTOTRANSLATE Only non translated target terms AL_PROCESSMAPPINGOK Map ! AL_QUERYBUILDERADDRESOURCE Add AL_SUBSTANCESSTRING Substanzen: AL_QUERYBUILDERHELP2 The <b>description</b> tab allows to visualize the definitions and the synonyms of the selected term.<br> The<b>hierarchies</b> tab allows to navigate through the terminology and to select broader or narrower terms.<br> The <b>relations</b> tab allows to visualize and select related terms. AL_SELECT Wählen AL_QUERYBUILDERHELP3 <b>"only the main ones"</b> The selected term will be one of the major terms of the matching articles.<br> <b>"without explosion"</b> The specific terms, allowable in the hierarchy, will not be included in the query.<br> <b>The qualifiers</b> allows to add a precision on a term. For example, man can be interested in getting articles related to the diagnosis or to the therapeutics of a particular disease. AL_THESAURUSMENUNOTRUNCOPTION No wildcard search AL_QUERYBUILDERHELP1 It is possible to search for a disease, a treatment, a drug, an anatomy part, etc.<br> The terms are provided by the <b>MeSH</b> (<i>Medical Subject Headings</i>) thesaurus and by additional content produced by the <a target="_blank" href="http://www.cismef.org/">CISMeF</a> team. See more details at <a target="_blank" href="http://www.hetop.eu">www.hetop.eu</a>. AL_QUERYBUILDERHELP4 <b>AND, OR, NOT</b> are called boolean codes. They allow the combination of selected terms.<br> AND (intersection)<br> <img src="http://www.chu-rouen.fr/images/and.gif"><br> OR (union)<br> <img src="http://www.chu-rouen.fr/images/or.gif"><br> NOT(exclusion)<br> <img src="http://www.chu-rouen.fr/images/andnot.gif"><br> AL_ORIGINALTERM Query AL_QUERYBUILDERHELP5 The searchable databases are:<br> - <a target="_blank" href="http://www.pubmed.gov">PubMed</a>: more than 24 millions reference articles in medicine ;<br> - <a target="_blank" href="http://www.cismef.org">CISMeF</a>: more than 100,000 resources about Health in French in free access selected on the web.<br> The generated query includes all available labels to leverage the initial query in order to bring the best results including the most recent resources. AL_QUERYBUILDERSEARCHTITLE 1. Search term AL_ITEMSNUMBER %d items AL_OPERATOROR OR AL_QUERYBUILDERQUALIFIERSTITLE qualifiers AL_UNKNOWNERRORHAPPEND An unknown error happend AL_GETEMPTYTEMPLATEBUTTON Get an empty template AL_LANGUAGE Sprache AL_PWDCHANGEOLDDONTMATCH The current password does not match ! AL_QUESTFINISHED This questionnaire is now over. Thank you for your contribution. AL_NBMETADATAPERPAGEBUTTON Items per page AL_TRASHDATE Date AL_USERSELECTIONNEW New Kategorie ... AL_EXECUTIONPLAN Ausführungsplan AL_QUALIFIER Qualifier AL_NEWREVISIONACTION New revision AL_FILTERSTRING Filtern AL_ADVICEBOOLEANCODE You might also use the <a href="http://doccismef.chu-rouen.fr/aides/aidedcacronyme.html">boolean codes</a>. AL_PRESENTATIONTABTITLE Präsentation AL_ERRORSTRING Error AL_QUERYBUILDERADDRESOURCEOP Options AL_QUESTBEGIN Begin '%s' AL_TRACCESS Ressourcentyp-Index AL_TRASHSOURCE Source AL_PUBLICATIONSOTHERSTITLE Weitere Publikationen AL_QUERYBUILDEROPTIONSTITLE Resources access options AL_SEEAUTOINDEXING siehe automatischen Indexierung AL_ADVANCED_SEARCH Advanced Search AL_RESOURCESMAINRESOURCESSTRING Nur die Wichtigsten AL_INDEXINGBADCATEGORY This indexing category is not allowed ! AL_AMBIGUOUSTERM Ambiguous terms AL_IN in AL_UNGROUPACTIONSTRING Ungroup AL_RESOURCESNOEXPLOSIONSTRING Ohne Explosion AL_AUTODETECTIONBUTTON Auto detection AL_MODIFYSTRING Modify AL_NOVALUESSTRING No values AL_FORMCHECKFIELDS The form is not well filled or invalid, please check the fields! AL_CIMSEFTREETABLEDELETEINDEXING Delete indexing AL_AUTOINDEXINGANNOTATION Enable AI AL_TERMINOLOGYSTRING Terminologie AL_INDEXINGMODIFY Edit this indexing... AL_QUESTALREADYOPENED A questionnaire is currently being filled, are you sure to leave ? AL_SEESTRING See AL_CONFIRMEMPTYCACHE Are you sure to remove all elements from the cache? (This can take a lot of time) AL_LOADINGSTRING Loading AL_MENUOBJ Objects AL_RESOURCESTABTITLE PubMed / Doc'CISMeF AL_EHTOPBASIC_PRESENTATION The Health Terminology/Ontology Portal (HeTOP) is offered by the CISMeF team of the <a href="http://www.chu-rouen.fr/" target="_blank">CHU de Rouen</a> (LITIS EA 4108, Université de Rouen), in collaboration with the <a href="http://www.insa-rouen.fr/" target="_blank">INSA de Rouen</a> and the <a href="http://www.mondeca.com/" target="_blank">MONDECA</a> company.<br/><br/>The HeTOP includes the main key health terminologies available in French. It aims to provide centralized access to them.<br/><br/>By registering you can access the following terminologies: ACR, ADICAP, ATC, BHN, BNCI, BNPC, Bon Usage Radio., CCAM, ICF, ICD-9, ICD-10, ICD-O, CISMeF, ICPC-2, Cladimed, DRC, FMA, Gene Ontology, Genes & Proteins, HPO, ICNP, IUPAC, LOINC, LPP, MedlinePlus, MeSH, MIDAS, NABM, NCCMERP, NCIT, OMIM, HRDO, PATHOS, PSIP Taxonomy, RADLEX, SNOMED int., UMLS (semantic network), VCM, WHO-ART and WHO-ICPS.<br/>An automatically generated password will be sent by e-mail as soon as possible after verification of your information.<br/><br/>It is free EXCEPT for private companies, in this case please <a href="mailto:maitre-toile.cismef@chu-rouen.fr">contact us for details</a>. AL_LOGOUT Ausloggen AL_CONFIRMMASSEDITION Are you sure to update all these %d resources? AL_MENUHIERARCHYMODULEDELETEWITHCHILDRENLABEL Delete with children AL_QUALIFIERSTRING Qualifier AL_ACTUALITY Actuality AL_SYSTEMANNOTATION System AL_MENUMODLISTTITLE Consult TYPE_IDs AL_VALIDATIONPAGE of %d (%d elements) AL_TRANSLATION Translation AL_QUESTFINISH Finished AL_RDFRESOURCE Identifier AL_ANNOTATESTRING Annotate AL_INFOSTRING Information AL_THESAURUSMENUSELECTALL All AL_PROPOSECONTENTDISCLAIMER It is possible for you to propose your own content to this portal ! To do so, please select the content type, its language and enter your value. Your suggestion will be reviewed by one of our experts. Thank you for your contribution ! AL_QUERYBUILDERSEERESULTS 3. View results AL_COMMENTANNOTATION Comment AL_NOTREADRIGHTERROR You don't have to rights to read this object. AL_RESOURCESJUSTPATIENTSSTRING Nur Patientendokumente AL_SEARCHSTRING Search AL_HOMEPAGE Homepage AL_SEARCHRESULTNUMBER %d Ressource(n) gefunden AL_DISPLAYNEXTRELATIONS Zeige nächste Beziehung... AL_OPTIONMOSAICMODE Mosaic mode AL_QUERY Abfrage AL_SIMPLE_SEARCH Simple search AL_QUERYEXAMPLESTRING examples: AL_OTHERTOOLS Other tools AL_SOURCEANNOTATION Source AL_MENUHIERARCHYMODULEDELETELABEL Delete AL_SEARCHENGINE Suchmaschine AL_SQLSEARCHWINDOW SQL explorer AL_ICONSAVEANDCLOSE Apply and close AL_LOGIN Einloggen AL_MENUOBJSTATS Statistics AL_VERSIONANNOTATION Version AL_TRANSLATIONMODULETITLE Translation module AL_ABOUTSTRING About AL_MAXIMUMRESULTSNUMBERREACHED Maximum number of resources reached AL_OBJECTTYPEIDS Objects TYPE_IDs AL_NEWSTRING New AL_OPTIONSAVE Save AL_GENERATESQL Generate SQL orders... AL_CLIPBOARDDELETE Delete AL_OPTIONLANGGUI Sprache der Benutzeroberfläche AL_RELEVANCE relevance AL_INDEX Keywords AL_QUERYBUILDERTERMOPTIONS Term options AL_MENUOPTIONS Options AL_QUITWINDOWWITHOUTSAVING Are you sure to close this window without saving your work ? AL_RDFRESOURCEEDITSTRING Edit Resource AL_SEARCHRESULTNUMBERAFTERFACETFILTER %d verbleibenden Ressource(n) von AL_SAMESEARCHWITH Gleiche Suche mit AL_EHTOPSANOFIMG_PRESENTATION The following structured market access glossary is thought as a tool to have a common set of definitions for the main concepts of market access and to share a common vision on market access. The term structured glossary underlines that apart from being a pure glossary with technical term definitions it contains a specific thesaurus-like structure which enables a structured discussion on the market access context. The presented global vision of market access – that has been elaborated with renown market access experts – is based on four key concepts (Company Intervention, Healthcare Determinants, Healthcare Structure and Global Outcomes) that are influencing each other as a never-ending spiral of interacting concepts. These concepts describe the current transition from a market access environment in which the prescriber has been the main decision maker to a more formalized decision making process with multiple stakeholders. In such an environment the analysis of the general background strongly influences the success of market access.<br/> <center><img src="/img/logos/sanofimg_structure_reduit.png"/></center> AL_VALIDERROREXISTS Validierung des Benutzerkontos fehlgeschlagen! Ein Benutzerkonto mit dieser E-Mail Adresse existiert bereits. <a href="oubli.html?lang=en AL_QUERYBUILDER_APPNAME MeSH Query Builder AL_DPSTRING Attribut AL_STATSWITHGROUPS Aggregated data AL_SEE See AL_SEEABSTRACT See abstract AL_AMBIGUOUSANNOTATION Ambiguous AL_CITY City AL_CHATWINDOWTITLE Instant messaging AL_OBJECT object(s) AL_CLIPBOARDNEW New %s similar to AL_SELECTACTION Wählen AL_TRANSMITTEDTOEXPLSTRING Inherited AL_EHTOPDBOHISTORY Views history AL_CONSOLECLEAR Clear logs AL_ADDSTRING Add AL_SUPERVISIONBUTTON Supervise and Apply AL_ADDDESKTOPICONBIS Shortcut AL_INDSTRING Indexing AL_GENERATESQLSCHEMA Generate SQL orders (whole schema)... AL_MESSAGEHIERARCHYMODULECHILDTOADD Child to add : AL_PLUGINMLETITLE Terminology MLE AL_DBGUICLOSEALLWINDOWS Close all AL_REMOVEPROPERTY Delete selection AL_CACHEOBJECTMANAGERTITLE Empty objects cache AL_CEPHOMELABEL The CISMeF Evaluation Platform proposes questionnaires and tools to evaluate applications or content. If you want to participate to an evaluation campaign, please contact our <a href='mailto:maitre-toile.cismef@chu-rouen.fr'>webmaster</a>. AL_SQLSEARCHISTORY Query history AL_SQLSEARCHALLROWS All lines extracted: %d in %d ms AL_MENUADMINEMPTYCACHEMOD Empty MODEL cache AL_DBOSTRING Record AL_QUALIFIERSHIERARCHICALLISTSTRING Zeige hierarchische Liste AL_THEMINDEX Thematischer Index AL_MENUHIERARCHYMODULEPASTEALLOCCURRENCELABEL Paste as child for the %d occurrences AL_ABOUT Über AL_GROUPNUMBERSTRING Group %d AL_DISABLE disable AL_DBOCOMPARATORWINDOW Resource comparator AL_CEPFOOTER CISMeF Evaluation Platform - © CISMeF, CHU de Rouen, March 2013 - September 2014 AL_AFFILIATESTRING Affiliate... AL_DCBDBFR_APPNAME BDBFr : French Bibliographic Database AL_RESOURCESJUSTRECOSTRING Nur Richtlinien AL_QUERYBUILDERRESULTS %d results AL_FIRSTNAMESTRING First name AL_MESSAGEHIERARCHYMODULEDELETEITEMALLOCCURRENCE Click OK to delete all occurrences of the element AL_ESCAPEENVISON The search has been extended to all CISMeF: %d match(es) found AL_CONFIRMTRANSFORMATION Are you sure to cast ? AL_EXPORTXLS Excel table AL_PWDCHANGEDONTMATCH New passwords don't match ! AL_TYPETERM Mapped term type AL_ADDTOTHEENDACTION Concatenate with AL_RESOURCESRESEARCHSTRING Abfragen: AL_SASMAGTITLE Sanofi-Aventis Structured Market Access Glossary AL_TRASHCLEAR Clear recycle bin AL_PWDLOSTSUCCESS A new password has been sent to this email address. AL_INDEX_GER Mesh Index for Geriatry AL_SEEALLSTRING Show hidden metadata AL_CHATCONNECTIONBROKEN The user has logged off AL_ERRORINVALIDDPS Properties are missing or not valid AL_PWDLOSTNOTICE It is not possible to recover your current password because it is crypted. Nevertheless, a new password will be generated and send. Please enter your email address below (which is your login for this web site). AL_DESCRIPTIONTABTITLE Description AL_QUERYBUILDERDATABASE Database: AL_ALPHAINDEX Alphabetischen Index AL_TRASHTYPE Description AL_NEWS Nachrichten AL_MENUDYNNEWLABEL New AL_SENDSTRING Send AL_NEXTBUTTON Next AL_VALIDOK Ihre Eingaben wurde gespeichert, ein E-Mail wird Ihnen zugesandt sobald Ihr Ansuchen auf ein Benutzerkonto validiert wurde. AL_BROWSESTRING Browse... AL_ADMINSQLGENERATORHINT Type one TYPE_ID or RDF_RESOURCE per line AL_RDFRESOURCENOTEXIST This resource does not exist AL_USERSELECTION Ihre Auswahl AL_TRASHSHOW Show recycle bin AL_CHATCONNECTIONREOPENED User re-connected AL_REFERENCEPAPER Reference publication (please cite this paper for any reference to this tool or its content) AL_VIEW_NL_META_HEADER <p class="normal">* Meta-terms correspond to biological or medical specialty concerned with one or more keywords (or keywords hierarchies), qualifiers, or resource types. Other terms also benefit from this structure, when the topic warrants it, eg <a href="http://www.chu-rouen.fr/ssf/metas/meta_enseignement_et_education.html">education</a>. See the <a href="http://www.chu-rouen.fr/ssf/santspe.html">list</a>.</p> AL_IMPORTWINDOWDESCRIPTION Please select a file for the import: AL_ICONSAVE Apply AL_DISPLAYNEXTINDEXING Display next indexing... AL_MENUCONCURRENCYMONITORLABEL Resources edition monitor AL_MESSAGEHIERARCHYMODULEDRAGDROPIMPOSSIBLE A node cannot be dropped in itself or one of its descendants. AL_VALIDERRORPENDING Validierung des Benutzerkontos fehlgeschlagen! Es gibt schon ein Ansuchen auf ein Benutzerkonto, welches dieser E-Mail Adresse zugeordnet ist. AL_DESKTOPICONCOMMAND Command(s) AL_QUERYBUILDER_SUBTITLE Bibliographic Query Builder in Medicine AL_RENAMEDESKTOPICONTITLE Rename... AL_VIEW_NL_META_SEARCH <b>Doc'CISMeF search</b> for this specility : AL_XHTMLGOOGLESEARCHRESULTS <img src="/img/logos/logoGoogle.png"> </img> Ergebnisse (CISMeF Auswahl): AL_RESOURCETYPESTRING Resource type AL_EMPTYALLCACHE Empty all cache AL_RELATIONMODIFY Modify this relation... AL_MENUHELP Help AL_TOP Top AL_PATIENTS Patienten AL_ADVANCEDSEARCHVIDEO Avanced search demonstration AL_PROMPTDIALOGTITLE Ihre Auswahl AL_AFFILIATIONTARGETSTRING Affiliatied AL_WINDOWRESTAURE Restaure AL_LOGGEDUSERS Online users AL_INSCRIPTION Inschrift AL_EHTOPREFERENCEPAPER <p><i> Grosjean, J; Merabti, T; Dahamna, B; Kergourlay, I; Thirion B; Soualmia LF &amp; Darmoni, SJ.</i>Health Multi-Terminology Portal: a semantics added-value for patient safety. <b>Patient Safety Informatics - Adverse Drug Events, Human Factors and IT Tools for Patient Medication Safety</b>, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, Volume 166, Pages 129-138, 2011.<b>PSIP. </b><a target="_blank" href="http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21685618"><img height="16" border="0" width="16" title="PubMed" src="http://www.chu-rouen.fr/images/pubmed_thumb.png"/></a><a target="_blank" href="http://dx.doi.org/10.3233/978-1-60750-740-6-129"><img height="16" border="0" width="30" title="DOI" src="http://www.chu-rouen.fr/images/doi.png"/></a><a target="_blank" href="http://www.booksonline.iospress.nl/Content/View.aspx?piid=19716"><img height="16" border="0" width="16" title="URL" src="http://www.chu-rouen.fr/images/link.png"/></a><a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="http://www.chu-rouen.fr/tibs/wp-content/uploads/pdf/Grosjean2011a.pdf"><img height="16" border="0" width="16" title="PDF" src="http://www.chu-rouen.fr/images/pdf.png"/></a></p> AL_SAMPLET_DESC_CISMEF_TYPE_RESSOURCE Journal article, association, educational course, ... AL_SEARCHRESULTNUMBERPARAM Results max nb AL_KEYWORDPOSITIONINHIERARCHY Keyword's position in hierarchy(ies) : AL_QUERYBUILDERDESCRIPTION Design complex bibliographic queries by combining medical terms (MeSH) AL_MTEHTOPTRANSLATETERM Translate term AL_ESCAPEENVSTRING Nicht den aktuellen Umwelt zu begrenzen AL_DEFAULTUSERSELECTIONCATEGORY Auswahl 1 AL_PWDCHANGETOOLONG Password length must be less than %d AL_CONFIRMFILECLOSURE Warning, this file has been modified, are you sure to quit without saving it? AL_EXPORTTEMPLATEPROPERTYCOLUMNLABEL Property AL_EXPORTTEMPLATEBUTTON Export AL_MENUHIERARCHYMODULECOPYLABEL Copy AL_VALUESTRING Value AL_MAPPINGRESULTS Mapping results AL_ICONCANCEL Undo AL_PARTNERSTABTITLE Partner AL_RESOURCESALLTYPESSTRING Alle Typen AL_TEAM Team AL_SEARCHPARAMETERS  Suchparameter AL_ADVANCEDSEARCHPRESENTATION Avanced search presentation AL_PUBLICATIONS Publikationen AL_SQLEVIEW SQLExplorer... AL_RELATIONSTRING Relation AL_REVISIONREPORTEREMAILBODY Hello, A new revision (%s) has been generated for the "%s" category. Differences file: %s Please do not reply to this email since a robot send it. Have a nice day. AL_TYPEIDCHECKERROR This TYPE_ID is not valid or already exists AL_DESKTOPICONLABEL Label AL_PROCESSTRANSLATEOK Translate ! AL_SEARCHREPLACEACTION Search / replace AL_BESTPRACTICES Best practices AL_DCBP_APPNAME CISMeF Guidelines AL_NOTICESTRING Hinweis AL_RELATIONTYPE_INTRA Intra-terminologic AL_SAMPLEINDEX Asthma, influenza, ibuprofen ... AL_IDENTIFIEDCONCEPT identified concept(s) : AL_MESSAGEHIERARCHYMODULEATTACHCHILDREN Its children will be attached to the parent node AL_NAMESTRING Name AL_OTHERSTRING Other AL_ADMINSQLGENERATOROUTPUT Output AL_VALIDERROR Validierung des Benutzerkontos fehlgeschlagen! Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut. Alle Felder sind Pflichtfelder!<br/><a href="inscription.html AL_MENUOBJLIST Objects list AL_POPUPALERT Warning: please allow pop-up for this site! AL_ITEMECN16 ECN after 2016 AL_QUERYBUILDERWITHEXPANSION Include synonyms AL_TRANSFORMACTION Cast to AL_EHTOPSELECTTERMINOLOGIES Terminologies selection AL_TRASHSTRING Recycle bin AL_SQLSEARCHBINDINPUT Please put a value for the bind variable %d AL_ADDDESKTOPICON Add a desktop shortcut AL_CACHETESTER Cache tester AL_IND Indizierung: AL_REVISIONREPORTEREMAILOBJECT News from: %s (revision %s) AL_VIEW_INDEX_HEADER <p class="normal" align="left"><img width="15" height="15" src="http://www.chu-rouen.fr/images/scopenote.gif" alt="Scope Note MeSH Medline"></img> CISMeF keywords come from the MeSH thesaurus <a href="http://www.nlm.nih.gov/mesh/meshhome.html">MeSH</a>, especially used for bibliographic database Medline. The French terms are those of <a href="http://ist.inserm.fr/basismesh/mesh.html">MeSH in French</a> made by the < a href="http://www.inserm.fr/servcom/servcom.nsf/titre/DISC+-+information+scientifique+et+communication">DISC</a> of INSERM. See also the list of <a href="http://www.chu-rouen.fr/documed/qualificatifs.html">qualifiers</a> that can clarify the meaning of a keyword, of <a href="http://www.chu-rouen.fr/documed/typeressource.html">resources types</a> and of MeSH <a href="http://www.hetop.eu/ehtopVaadin/#env=basic&lang=en&tab=1&objti=T_DESC_MESH_DESCRIPTEUR&q=">trees</a>.<br/> When a term has no MeSH equivalent, we use the <a href="http://www.chu-rouen.fr/documed/mme.html#MAPPING">mapping</a> to select the most appropriate term. Dysmelia example is indexed to <em>ectromelia</em>.<br/><br/></p> AL_COPYRIGHT © Rouen University Hospital. Any partial or total use of this material must mention the source. AL_MONITOR_APPNAME CISMeF Monitor AL_OPTIONAUTOARRANGE Arrange windows AL_MAILSTRING Mail AL_MENUMOD Model AL_TRASHVALUE Value AL_MENUDISPLAY Display AL_OPERATORNOT NOT AL_OPSTRING Relation AL_SYSUSERRIGHTSTITLE User rights edition AL_ALLTERMINOLOGIES All AL_CONFERROR Bestätigung der Registrierung fehlgeschlagen! Bitte überprüfen Sie die Eingaben oder kontaktieren den Administrator dieser Seite. AL_SQLSEARCHROWS %d lines extractes in %d ms AL_MTEHTOPMAPPINGRESULTS Mapping results AL_SUGGESTIONADVICE Please try these similar queries AL_MESSAGEHIERARCHYMODULECHILDALREADYEXISTING This child already exists for this father AL_MORESTRING More AL_TERMINOLOGIESLIST Terminologies list AL_EHTOPCHOOSESENTENCE Choose your terminologies or ontologies then type your query below ! AL_CONNECTION Verbindung AL_DCECN2016_APPNAME ECN 2016 AL_CONFIRMDELETION Are you sure to delete ? AL_PROPOSECONTENTTYPEID Content type AL_SYSUSERRIGHTSWRITE Write AL_SEEALLLANGUAGESSTRING Show all languages AL_ANNOTATIONEDIT Edit annotations... AL_QUERYBUILDERGENERATE Generate links AL_MTEHTOPTRANSLATIONRESULTS Translation results AL_HETOPQUERYONALL You might redo this search with all terminologies AL_OPTIONLANGOTHERDATA Alternative Daten Sprache AL_FINDWITHDBGUIVAADIN Ressource bearbeiten AL_DELETEDESKTOPICON Delete AL_MENUINDEXVIEW Indexes AL_DESCRIPTIONTEXTFIELDQUERY Geben Sie hier Ihre Anfrage AL_SEEALSO Siehe auch AL_CONSULTMAINRESOURCES Main resources AL_INSCRIPTIONNOTICE You will be able to access to the following terminologies if you are registered: ACR, ADICAP, ATC, BHN, BNCI, Bon Usage Radio., CCAM, ICF, ICD-9, ICD-10, ICD-O, CISMeF, ICPC-2, Cladimed, DRC, FMA, Gene Ontology, Genes & Proteins, HPO, ICNP, IUPAC, LOINC, LPP, MedlinePlus, MeSH, MIDAS, NABM, NCCMERP, NCIT, OMIM, HRDO, PATHOS, PSIP Taxonomy, RADLEX, SNOMED int., VCM, WHO-ART and WHO-ICPS.<br/><br/>The icons displayed in the portal belong to the VCM language (Visualization of Concepts in Medicine) created during the L3IM research project.<br/><br/>This registration is free EXCEPT private companies, in this case, please contact us.<br/>You will receive an automatic generated password soon as we will check your informations.<br/>This data won't be shared or send to anyone. It is used to ensure the web site security and to leverage our system depending on your needs. The non-nominative data (country, job, ...) will be used for statistic ends. AL_MENULOSTPASSWORD Forgotten password ? AL_COPYTOCLIPBOARD Copy to clipboard AL_SORT Sort AL_HEALTHTERMINOLOGIES Gesundheit Terminologien AL_HIERARCHYTREEFULLMODE Full tree AL_OPENTERMINAL Open terminal AL_OPTIONLANGTITLE Sprachen AL_LABELSTRING Label AL_CHATWINDOWSHOW Show instant messaging AL_CLIPBOARDSHOW Show clipboard AL_OBJECTTYPEIDSTOPURGE TYPE_IDs to purge AL_REVISIONREPORTEREMAILBODY2 Hello, A new revision (%s) has been generated for the "%s" category. Please find attached the differences file. Please do not reply to this email since a robot send it. Have a nice day. AL_OPENSQLSEARCH Open SQL explorer AL_DELETEALL Delete all AL_WILDCARDACTIVATED (Wildcard search is activated) AL_COUNTRYSTRING Pays AL_CONSOLESHOW Show logs AL_MAPPINGTITLE Mappings AL_MENUCACHEMONITORLABEL Cache monitor AL_TERMINOLOGIESTABTITLE Terminologie AL_PWDCHANGENEWCONFIRM New password (confirm) AL_INDEXINGALLMAJOR Switch all into major AL_MENUADMIN Admin AL_ADVICEAUTOCOMPLETE Enter first letters. Samples : AL_SELECTTYPEACTION Select type: AL_GROUPACTIONSTRING Group AL_SEARCH Search AL_FORCEACTION Force AL_DESCRIPTIONBUTTONOK Suche starten