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Preferred Label : Euterpe;

MeSH definition : A genus in the family Arecaceae. They are a source of ACAI BERRIES.;

MeSH synonym : Euterpes; Acai Berry; Berries, Acai; Berry, Acai; Açai Berries; Açai Berry; Berries, Açai; Berry, Açai; Assai Palm Berries; Assai Palm Berry; Berries, Assai Palm; Berry, Assai Palm; Palm Berries, Assai; Palm Berry, Assai; Assai Palms; Palm, Assai; Palms, Assai; Euterpe oleracea Mart.; Euterpe oleracea Mart.s; Mart., Euterpe oleracea; Mart.s, Euterpe oleracea; oleracea Mart., Euterpe; oleracea Mart.s, Euterpe;

MeSH hyponym : Acai Berries; Assai Palm; Euterpe edulis; Euterpe precatoria; Euterpe oleracea;

MeSH annotation : coordinate with specific PLANT STRUCTURES term if pertinent; for use in therapy coordinate IM with PHYTOTHERAPY (IM) disease/drug ther (IM) PLANT PREPARATIONS or its indentations /ther use (IM or NIM) specific plant chemical /ther use (IM) if pertinent;

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A genus in the family Arecaceae. They are a source of ACAI BERRIES.


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