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Health and travel (Santé Voyage) give medical advertisement for foreign travelers. keywords are : tourism, edisan, meditravel, malaria, amaril, yelow fewer, vaccin, health bag, paludisme, fievre jaune, rouen, france.

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We are updating the links with all the interesting web sites concerning tropical diseases. Here are our selection for sites who speak French and English. If you want to help us register an unknown web site, please use this registration formular.

Health and Travel in Rouen, is :


   WHO and France do not give the same advice because they do not classify countries in the same way
Who divides the world in 3 zones of countries, wheareas..
France divides the world in 3 groups, according to the resistance to the treatment. (4 groups in fact where the 0 group's don't need prophylaxis, because there is no malaria).

Medical advice concerning this disease differs, and should therefore be discussed with a well informed doctor.
Nevertheless, here are a few hints :

To ask any question to be ready for travelling you can

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